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AIR GRILLES company, founded 1976 in Athens, are manufacturers of air conditioning terminal devices and relative products (a complete line of air outlets and inlets, multi-leaf dampers, filters, disk valves, fire dampers, etc.). Our products are installed in a multitude of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

AIR GRILLES production facilities are housed in privately owned premises of 2500 m2 in Koropi Industrial Area in Attica.

Company’s policies are focused on:

  • modern, highly organized, effective production methods
  • new product development
  • continuous improvement of manufactured products through installation of modern production machinery, implementation of automated processes and continuous personnel training
  • rational personnel development
  • adapting new technologies (e.g. participation in “b2b Construct”)
  • direct contact with our customers
  • fastest possible delivery of orders

Believing that Research and Development is a vital factor of a company’s sucess, AIR GRILLES, in co-operation with the University of Patras, designed and built a Laboratory for rating and evaluating air outlets and inlets, in full conformance to ISO 5219.

The design of special external louvers for the Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos", jointly by our engineers and those of the German contractor, is a typical example of our technical expertise and the will to provide our customers complete co-operation for the best solutions for their projects.

The operating policies and rules of the company were formally established by the Certification of conformance to International Standard EN ISO 9001:2008, for the application of a Quality Management System to all stages of administration and production.

Our broad participation in the construction works of the 2004 Olympics proved the high quality of our products, and created new expectations in an enlarged market, where healthy competition is for us the golden rule.

AIR GRILLES has just completed the construction of additional building space of 1000m2 to our plant, where a new production unit will be installed, equipped with modern automated machinery, in order to face the increased market needs in the central air conditioning sector.

Our company's principle is to offer our customers excellent quality in competitive prices, meeting the most demanding technical, economical and aesthetic specifications.

Thank you for your confidence, and we look forward to satisfy your future requirements.

Kind regards,

Ioanna Lioli
Ioannis Sousalis


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Contact Information

Tel.: +30210 66 24 720, +30210 66 26 475 
Fax: +30210 66 26 727